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Mo Barrett

Retired USAF Colonel Retired, Lifelong Catalytic Comedian

Whether in Air Force cockpits, combat bare-base environments, barbershop quartets or parental caregiving, Mo Barrett views the world through a lens of humor, using everyday lessons and laughter to catalyze change.

She has dealt with the shame, stigma, struggle and success of being a life-long non- conformist and lesbian in the military’s structured environment. She retired as a Colonel after a 25-year Air Force career, leveraging hard work, positivity and perspective. She has survived and thrived as a multi-minority and connects with audiences of all ages and walks of life, using contagious energy to chart a course for people who want to laugh, learn and think (in that order).

Mo’s preferred interactions are as an emcee, but she also leads workshops and keynotes with spicy titles like “Fight for Centerline” and “Suck Squeeze Bang Blow.”

And speaking of titles, her book, “Pardon My Quirk, Anecdotes to Make You Laugh, Learn and Think” is available on Amazon, audible and in podcast format. www.mobarrett.com