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What is Social Innovation?

Professor Christoph H. Loch

Professor of Operations and Technology Management,
Cambridge Judge Business School,
University of Cambridge

Christoph H. Loch is Professor of Operations and Technology Management at the Cambridge Judge Business School (CJBS), and from 2011-2021 he served as the Dean. Since 2011, CJBS grew in revenues from £24m to £60m, breaking even every year while continuing to make a financial contribution to the University of Cambridge. On the teaching side, CJBS’ ranked programmes (MBA, EMBA, Master of Finance, and Executive Education) are now all ranked in the FT Global top 20 (from only one of them ranked in 2011). On the research side, the 2021 detailed university research benchmarking exercise that the UK government conducts every six years ranked CJBS as the best research school of all UK business schools. This performance was enabled by a research strategy emphasizing problem-solving engagements with organizations (commercial as well as non-profit) to connect knowledge creation with practical impact, fostering a positive reinforcement between teaching and research. As an academic, Professor Loch has experience in the management of innovation in organizations, project management, and emotional motivation of professional personnel. He was identified as one of the top ten Innovation researchers worldwide in 2012 and as one of the top ten researchers worldwide in Operations Management in 2020.