LEDx Preview with Jodi Womack – Get Momentum When You Need It Most

A LEDx preview with Jodi Womack: Jodi is a Leadership Development Coach at Get Momentum Leadership Academy, an Author, and an amazing Keynote Speaker.

Andy Christiansen: Quick Clips on Mentoring

Just a few quick clips from and a teaser for his talk from the LEDx stage

Creativity Under Pressure: Todd Henry TEDx: LEDx Speaker Preview

Creativity Under Pressure: Todd Henry at TEDxXavierUniversity

We often think of creativity as an uncontrollable and accidental thing that seems to happen most when we least expect it. Todd Henry is a student practitioner of creativity. He has discovered that introducing structure into our lives can make these accidents happen more often.

General George W. Casey – Living in a VUCA world (LEDx Keynote Speaker)

General George W. Casey, who served as Chief of Staff of the US Army efforts in Iraq, believes that the unpredictable global political and economic climate requires leaders of vision, courage and character.

Jason Womack: LEDx 1.0 Speaker at TEDx

Another sample of one of the great speakers coming to Air University for LEDx

Jason Womack shares a story of growing up in the shadows. He hid, seeking out the darkness, not wanting to be noticed (that was a good thing for him then). In a talk that challenges the perception that successful people have to take the stage and be in the spotlight, Jason asks us to rethink what success means to each one of us. Jason Womack is a husband, friend, triathlete and author. In 2012 he wrote “Your Best Just Got Better,” and in 2016 he co-wrote “Get Momentum” with his wife and business partner, Jodi. Together they travel the world speaking and counseling leaders who know it’s time to come out of the corners of darkness; even if it doesn’t mean standing in the spotlight. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx

Interview with Lt Gen Kwast

A wonderful intro to one of our keynote speakers for LEDx published and posted by our in house Online Profession Journal–Over the Horizons

Steve’s slides: LEDx_Justice

Steve’s LAB Handout: LEDx_LAB_Justice

Todd’s slides: LEDx_Henry

Amy’s lab handout: LEDx_LAB_Norton

Jodi’s lab data: LEDx_LAB_Womack, Jodi

Brian’s slides: LEDx_ Williamson

Jason’s lab slides: LEDx_Newcomer & Connelly

S.E.’s lab slides:LEDx_Sawtelle

LEDx 4.0 will be streamed live on Facebook and YouTube (see links below)
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