Registration for LEDx is officially closed. If you are a DOD ID Card holder you’re still welcome to attend the open events held in Polifka and Wood Auditoriums, but we will be unable to assign you to a lab session. For all others, we encourage you to follow the events live on YouTube and Twitter, as linked at the bottom of the page.

LEDx 2.0

Diversity at the Intersection of Leadership, Innovation & Strategy

LEDx 2.0 will kick off on January 3, 2019.

LEDx 2.0 is an exciting 2-day leadership experience with a blend of:

  • Keynote speakers
  • TED talk style stage speakers
  • Interactive small-group lab sessions
The conference will have strategically planned breaks to induce discussion among fellow LEDx participants. LEDx 2.0 will expose audiences to a unique set of leadership-related topics that will be bridged by social activities. Such social activities will be food trucks, live music, and meet and greet opportunities.

Keynote Speakers:

  • Mr. Ori Brafman
  • Mr. Steve Justice
  • Dr. Jeff Degraff
Additional Speakers:

  • Dr. Lilia Giugni
  • LTC Josh Stewart
  • Mr. Tanner Taddeo
  • Col (Ret.) Michelle Barrett
  • Maj Summer Kolcun
  • Mr. Andy Christiansen
  • Mrs. Amy Norton
  • Mr. Sherman Williams
  • Mr. Jim Vaselopulos
  • Mr. Jan Rutherford
  • CMSgt Calvin Markham
  • Mrs. Staney DeGraff
  • Mrs. Nicole Pinkham
  • Mr. Jason Womack
  • Mrs. Jodi Womack

The Air Command and Staff College traces its roots to the Air Corps Tactical School (ACTS) located at Maxwell Field from 1931 to 1942. After World War II, as the independent Air Force was formed, grew, and developed, the requirements and expectations of the school evolved to fulfill the service’s educational needs. The vision of pre-World War II leaders has withstood the test of time. Although more than eight decades have passed since the founding of the ACTS, the present 10-month curriculum still focuses on expanding understanding of air and space power and on the growth of midcareer officers. In 1962, the school became known by its current name, Air Command and Staff College.

During academic year 1994, ACSC undertook the most significant change to its educational program since the school’s inception. The school transitioned from a lecture-based to a seminar-centered, active environment with an integrated curriculum geared to problem solving across the continuum from peace to war. In academic year 1999, ACSC began efforts to align its curriculum under the Air University commander’s Strategic Guidance for the Continuum of Education. The ACSC program now functions as a portion of a comprehensive and integrated career-long professional military education program.


Be the premier academic institute for developing joint leaders


Educate and develop air-minded joint leaders

Key Tasks

  • Facilitate the air, space,and cyber minded thinking of students.
  • Develop and enhance abilities for higher-level command and staff responsibilities.
  • Enhance students’ abilities to think critically about operational air,space and cyber concepts in a dynamic international environment.
  • Broaden students’ understanding of the nature of conflict and current and future threats to the United States and its allies.
  • Develop and enhance students’ abilities to plan and execute the joint campaign planning process and air, space and cyber operations to support the joint force commander.

LEDx 2.0 will be streamed live on Facebook and YouTube (see links below)
LEDx 2.0 will be streamed live on YouTube:
Air University’s YouTube Site